Cynthia Radthorne Biography




Everyone's journey in life is unique and there is no single roadmap that suffices for all. The nature of our existence is that while we might attempt to plan ahead, life is not conducive to a precise GPS plotting of the best route. Often we may think we are following the correct path only to learn that we took a wrong turn early on in the trip. Now that motel by the side of the road is looking a bit sketchy, and the diner - well, maybe we'll just go hungry for a while. .


That is when one finally realizes that a different direction is required. Consider the metaphor of the caterpillar who does not realize she is truly a butterfly until she emerges from her chrysalis and spreads her wings for the very first time, and realizes she can fly. And so I have. And the view from the sky is breathtaking in its beauty.

But for the more mundane side of things... All my life I had wanted to be a writer, and finally realized that dream when I completed my first book, The Road to Bakara. My second dream was to keep doing it, and so I did, writing two more companion books. Along the way, initially as a means to create book covers, I discovered digital art, and the tools available allowed me to really explore another side to my creativity that had previously lain dormant. As one can see from perusing my art gallery my head is full of bright colors, and usually happy thoughts.

It is who I am and how I rock. :)

If you would like to write to me, a link for my email address is below. And thanks for stopping by!