Cynthia Radthorne FAQ




How do you create your artwork?

The main composing part is done in DAZ Studio, a human figure-posing program. This works in a 3D space with human figure models that you can pose just like a small mannequin. You can also adjust their physical appearance and add clothes and hair to them. The figures can be posed inside a physical 3D ‘scene’ and then ‘lit’ using simulated lights in the computer. You can also position your ‘camera’ or viewpoint anywhere you want inside the scene. Once you have things the way you like it, you ‘render’ the final picture, which adds in all the shadows that gives the picture dimensionality. I then take the final render into Photoshop and apply various filters to enhance the colors.




Where do you get the ideas for your artwork?

Often I get my inspiration from a new model that I’ve purchased, whether it be of a human figure, a set of clothing, or a new hairpiece. I’ll start with that new item and then just start mixing and matching from my library of models, letting my creativity ‘go with the flow,’ as it were, until I come up with an idea that I like. Sometimes I stop at a dead end; other times I may put a scene aside that isn’t working and come back to it later with a fresh approach.


Can I use your art on my website/print it on my t-shirt/etc.?

Sorry, but I do retain the copyright to all of my created works, including on the web, printed versions, or any other uses. They are not available as stock artwork. However, I do accept commissions – see the next question!


Do you accept commissions?

Why, yes! I have done book covers, trading card sets, and private artwork for clients. If you have a project you’d like me to do, please feel free to send me an email with the particulars and I can provide you a quote.


Do you sell your artwork?

Yes. I usually display locally in the sci fi/fantasy conventions in the Seattle area, where I have matted pieces for sale. I will also sell prints online upon request, via one of the various web services available. If you have a particular piece you are interested in, contact me and I can add it to the printing site for purchase. .